Monday, October 22, 2012

Wedding Thank You Card

Your friends and family chose your wedding gifts with care, so you need to send appropriate thank-you notes. Whether you're thanking someone for a gift or just being there when you needed a friend, a thank you card send just the right message to show your gratitude. You can purchase manufactured and printed thank you cards from stationary supply or retail stores, but store-bought thank cards aren't your only options these days. The only thing limiting your thank you card is your imagination.

Create thank-you cards that are supremely reflective of you and your spouse by having photo thank-you cards printed. As soon as your wedding images arrive back from the photographer, have them printed into wedding thank-you cards and use these personalized cards to house your notes of appreciation. Before having these cards printed, ensure that you are legally allowed to do so by securing reprint rights for the images in question.

If you are imaginative and good at crafts, you can make your own thank-you notes. Handmade thank-you notes feel particularly at home for a wedding that you planned and designed yourself.

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