Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dress for a Beach Wedding

Destination weddings are becoming more popular, with beach weddings topping the list. Because of the relaxing atmosphere, calm breeze, soft sounds of nature and of course the natural beauty of the ocean. Choose a dress that is simple, practical and comfortable on a beach. You'll be a perfect bride in the world.
1. Browse the magazies or search over the internet. Find what style you want to buy and which look best on your body.
2. Choose the length of your dress. While long dresses are traditional, remember that your dress will drag through sand that could be dirty or wet.
3. Choose the fabric you want for your dress. Chiffon, crepe or tulle are light fabrics that will both keep you cool and flow in the beach breeze as you walk.
4. According to your budget, you need to decide where you will buy the wedding dresses, local store or online shop.
In addition, you need to choose right accessories to match your dress.
1. You'd better choose a pair of comfortable wedding shoes which is suitable for walking and standing in sand.
2. Consult a hairstylist and decide on a wedding style that will withstand outdoor conditions. Understated, natural hairstyles work best, as they fit the casual beach theme.
3. Adorn your head with flowers or decorative pins rather than a veil. Wind picks up over water, so you will likely spend much of your time battling a veil if you choose to wear one.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tips For You To Buy Wedding Dress Online

It will cost you a lot of money to prepare a wedding. If your budget is limited, buying wedding stuffs online would be a good option for you. Not only save money but also convenient.
However, some people insist that they would probably buy anything except bridal dress and shoes. They think the fit is so important and you never know what something looks like until you try it on. They would buy veils, invites, cufflinks, cake topper, hand fans for bridesmaids, singlets for bride, wedding cake flowers, bombonnier boxes etc. Though there is risky that things online are not like the picture (as some people said), some people are also quite tempted to buy wedding dress online to save money. They are on budgets and trying to cut costs everywhere.
Here are some tips for you when buying wedding dress online:
1: Find a Vendor You Trust
When comes to the wedding supplier, the best and effective way is to go to your friends or families who have purchased online and get real feedback or ask for their recommendations.
2: Make Sure Right Size
Go to experienced local tailor, do get the exact measurement, it would be really awful to receive a wedding dress that don't fit your body.
3: Discuss with Customer Service Deeply
Before make your orders, having a deep discussion with customer service is extremely necessary. You may even ask for their finished dresses for reference and make sure grap all details about your dress.
4: Order Early
Make sure that you know their production time and shipping time, never do that in urgency. Usually your dress is ought to arrive one or half a month before your big day then you may take your time for other arrangements.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are You Making Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Anyone get married this summer? Do you refuse to pay hundreds of dollars on flowers? Personally I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on bridal bouquets.
Here come up with some ideas:

Idea 1:
Getting flowers and ribbons from the supermarket and then make bouquets, as you never need to spend a big fortune on a toss bouquet, peonies and simple baby's-breath are both OK. It's actually very easy to make bouquets if you aren't going for elaborate designs. Youtube tutorials are helpful too. As you know supermarket flowers aren't the same quality as what you get from a florist - not stored very well and generally don't seem to last as long. So make sure you get the flowers close to wedding day.
Idea 2:
Make bride, bridesmaids bouquets and toss bouquet with silk or fabric flowers like roses which  are maybe more expensive than supermarket flowers, but are great quality and have the advantages- being able to make them weeks in advance.
Idea 3:
If you don't rely on supermarket stock for bridal bouquets,find a florist that is cheap enough,or find a certain florist your friend used to have a less quote.
Idea 4:
Order flowers through a local flower farm and put them into bouquets .You just need to get some greenery to practice with and some ribbon and pins as well.
FYI - I don't mean to insult those who have spent large amounts of money on their bridal bouquets, it's just not for me.