Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful Bridal Veils for You to Choose

If it will soon be your big day and your wedding dress is going to be the center of attention, but while you're running around to fittings, don't forget to pay attention to your hair! Adding a fun accessory to your wedding hairstyle can take your wedding look to the next level. There are many different types of beautiful bridal veils that you can wear on your wedding day.
Chapel veils are formal veils that are made up of two long layers of material, one to cover the your face, and the other floor length layer, to be worn behind your head.

Similar to the chapel veil is the cathedral veil, which also consists of two layers of material, one that is three meters long from the headpiece, and the other, that extends to the floor.

The waltz veil is another formal styled bridal veil that is made of a single material layer. Depending on the length of your gown, you can choose from different lengths of waltz veils, with the shortest veils coming to the knees, whilst the longest veils extend to the floor.

Less formal than the chapel, cathedral and waltz veils are the flyaway bridal veils. These are made of many layers of material that are short and come to your shoulders. You can wear them with simple wedding gowns that are of floor length or shorter.

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