Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rustic Wedding Decorations

You have choosen a rustic wedding place, and you must along with all the rustic wedding decorations to match up the wedding theme. A few ideas i have got for you to create a farmhouse wedding. You can see more of this wedding be sure to peek in the gallery then stimulate your inspiration.

Every little last detail can be hand-crafted by yourself for your glamorous country wedding with a whole lot of style. Some discarded with custom labels for the guests, handmade flowers and a ton of vintage wedding decor made up this country meets city wedding.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diamond Shapes of Wedding Rings

Choosing a beautiful wedding ring is one of the key elements for preparing the wedding. In fact, in today's abundance of various diamond shapes, every groom is be able to find the perfect ring shape that would best suit his wife to be. Choosing the right diamond shape can be more easily if you know a little information about it. Here are five diamond shapes and hope you find the perfect one.

Round. Wedding rings with a round-cut diamonds are probably the most popular ones, which is very reasonable. The round shape allows diamond sparkling like none other owing to its 58 facets. Usually brides that like the round-shaped diamonds are the true traditionalists and thus tend to incline to the classic shapes.

Heart. The heart-shaped diamond is probably the boldest shape, so avoid getting a heart-shaped solitaire for the shy bride who is afraid of being the center of attention.

Oval. Oval-shaped diamond boasts the ability to sparkle just like the round-cut stone owing to the same amount of facets. This classy shape is favorite among self-confident brides with the good taste.

Marquise. Marquise-cut diamonds have the attractive feature - they appear larger than they are in reality. This shape is supposed to maximize the carat weight of the stone, which appeals to brides who look for the impressive budget-friendly engagement ring.

Pear. It became popular once the style icon Victoria Beckham received the pear-shaped engagement ring from another style icon David Beckham. It is the hybrid of the oval and marquise shape, what makes it appear unique and very stylish. This shape is intended for women who are not afraid of setting their own standards of style.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free Shipping for Stock Dresses

The charm of the women is incomplete without evening dresses. Whatever the occasion is, the thing is what a lady is wearing. If some where she goes wrong, she becomes the gossiping of fashion disaster for other women. Thus if you don't want to be the part of such gossips, then make a style statement of your own and make the popping admire when you attend party. If you have confused with this, dresses below would help you a lot.

Tencel and Malay Satin V-Neckline Sheath Stock Dress with Beaded Rouched Bodice
Rouched Bodice with Hand-Made Beadings.
Floor-Length Draped Skirt.

Chiffon and Malay Satin Sweetheart Neckline Empire Stock Dress with One-Shoulder Strap
Beaded One-Shoulder Strap.
Rouched Bust.
Floor-Length Draped Skirt.

Malay Satin One-Shoulder Strap Sheath Stock Dress with Delicate Beading Accents
Rouched Bodice with Delicate Beading Accents.
Floor-Length Skirt.

V-Neckline with Beaded Halter Strap Sheath Stock Dress with V-back Design
Beaded Halter Strap.
Bodice with V-back Design.
Floor-Length Draped Skirt.

Graceful One-Shoulder Cap Sleeve Column Stock Dress with Beaded Embellishment Accents
Cap Sleeve.
Rouched Bodice with Delicate Beaded Embellishment Accents.
Elegant Floor-Length Skirt.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern Layered Lace Wedding Dress

As a matter of fact, modern layered wedding dress are made from various fabrics and shaped into a variety of styles compared to the vintage layered wedding dresses.
In general, most women love the lace wedding dresses that are created from silk and linen fibers. Modern weddings usually need a fashionable and elegant wedding dress, and layered lace wedding dress is such a kind of bridal dress.

As a matter of fact, modern layered wedding dress are made from various fabrics and shaped into a variety of styles compared to the vintage layered wedding dresses.
In general, most women love the lace wedding dresses that are created from silk and linen fibers. Modern weddings usually need a fashionable and elegant wedding dress, and layered lace wedding dress is such a kind of bridal dress.

A lace train will make the bride look even more gorgeous. Therefore, choosing a layered lace wedding dress for your big wedding will be your best choice.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hold A Rainbow Inspired Wedding Party

A rainbow inspired wedding is a far from a traditional color combo, but when done right, the striking array of colors are very pleasing. You can incorporate the colors of the rainbow into everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the dessert buffet. This is definitely an easy way to add a special touch to your special day. If you like this idea, check out these bright wedding inspiration boards.

Weddings have changed significantly over the last decade, from stuffy and traditional to exploding with personality. Couples have become a little more laid back, incorporating some fun and fresh new ideas into their big day. If you want have a surprise on the wedding day, why not hold a rainbow inspired wedding party?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unique Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors are the last impression that your guests have from your wedding, so make them creative. Choose your wedding favors so they coordinate with your wedding season, colors or theme. Place a handwritten or typed note next to the favors letting the guests know that they should take them home. Here are some unique wedding favors for you to consider.

Edible Favors
Many guests throw away wedding favors, especially if they have no use for them. If you give your guests favors they can eat, you'll be sure to give them something they'll enjoy. Send your guests off with miniature pumpkin pies in the fall, gingerbread cookies in the winter, cotton candy in the spring or brightly colored lollipops in the summer.
Personalized Favors
When you mail your wedding invitations, include a blank index card with each one and a note requesting a family recipe with the RSVP card. Compile a small recipe book from the recipes that you received along with some of your family's best recipes, and give them to guests as your wedding favors. Another personal wedding favor that many guests enjoy is a music CD. Get pictures of you and your fiance printed for the cover, and compile a list of songs that will be part of your wedding ceremony. The guests will think about your event whenever they play the CD.

Hometown Favorites
If your wedding location is known for something special, such as maple syrup or peanuts, give the item as your wedding favor. Specialty products often come in nice packaging, but you could create your own packaging or add a bow that fits your wedding theme.

Double Duty
Have your favors serve double duty by using them as decorations. You'll save money and highlight the favors by placing them in the center of your tables. If you still want floral centerpieces, have cones of flowers in the middle of the table with a note encouraging guests to take the cones home as favors at the end of the reception.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 3 Little Black Dresses

Every girl needs a little black dress here to attend a party. You can select your favourites for this season. This amazing dress comes from long years ago and popular back to the fashion. I love the magic cut, it very sexy by many girls ratification.

From my favourite designers, there are many perfect LBD, the strapless neckline is most flatter to many girls and show shoulders to perfection.

You can't go wrong with a little black dress, whether it is for a work party, a holiday gathering, or just a night out on the town. You need at least one staple in your closet, and why not pick out a perfect one to have as a backup plan.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unique Wedding Theme Inspiration

Many couples know that they want a particular kind of wedding, but don't know where to start, or how to incorporate that theme into their wedding. Browse these themes to see if any of them feel like the right sort of wedding for you, then use them as a launching pad for your own ideas.

Striped wedding theme
A lot of contemporary designers create the wedding gowns with stripes, which look both stylish and romantic especially when complemented with the feminine hairstyle and makeup. In this case you should ask your groom to opt for the suit in neutral shades complemented by the striped tie. While the bridesmaids should also opt for the dresses in neutral palette and carry the striped clutch and put stripped ribbons in hair. Don't forget about wedding invitations: you may consider having the striped envelopes or invitations themselves.

Confetti wedding theme
Opt for the wedding invitations with confetti design and envelopes in the bold hues like bright pink. Once the guest walks into the reception area, give him a bright cocktail with a candy embellishment in the matching hues with your dress. Believe me the cocktail hour will never be as fun. Also don't forget to add the color to your wedding cake.

Floral wedding theme
You can use blooms in almost every single wedding theme element: tablecloths, napkins, ribbons, invitations etc. Just make sure that everything is based on flowers. You can also have the floral ribbon hold your wedding bouquet together. By the moment guests decide to leave home, have them take the wedding favors packed in the gift box with a floral bow finish.

Western wedding theme
In case you want to add your wedding look a western feel, consider opting for the western-themed wedding. You may ask your wedding party wear the cowboy hats and boots. As for the wedding menu, consider including the cowboy signature barbeque entrees. Cover the tables with the plaid red and white tablecloths.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Choose A Flower Girl for Your Wedding

This article is all about the children. Children play an important role in weddings, you want them to look super cute whilst having a ball. So this feature is dedicated especially to making the little ones at your wedding look utterly gorgeous.

The most important flower girl task is to scatter flower petals from the flower girl basket as she walks down the aisle, creating a beautiful and fragrant pathway. As the bride travels down the aisle, which symbolizes her journey into a new life, the flower girl represents the bride's innocence and youthfulness.

The flower girl should be taught how to walk quietly down the aisle, properly carry the flower girl basket and scatter the right number of rose petals. It's a good idea for the little girl's parents to practice the pace and scatter technique with her a few weeks before the wedding. She can use something simple, such as pieces of confetti or leaves, to practice. If the flower girl is familiar with how she's supposed to do things, it won't seem as scary when the big day arrives.

While a single flower girl is traditional, it's perfectly acceptable to have two or three flower girls, each with her own flower girl basket, or for the flower girl and ring bearer to walk down the aisle together. No matter what variation is chosen, the flower girl clutching a fragrant flower girl basket of blossoms is a sweet and memorable tradition to include in a wedding.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beautiful Winter Themed Wedding Invitations

If you are getting married this winter, take a cue from nature for your wedding theme. The tranquility of a winter wedding can be wonderful. Capture that feeling for your wedding with a winter themed wedding invitation can make your wedding more unforgettable. Here are a few of my favorites invitations below which can remind your guests pending peaceful setting of your upcoming wedding.

Snowflake wedding invitation shown above in pale blue satin ribbon with white lace trim and sparkly crystal snowflake brooch in a pale blue winter envelope.

Wedding invitations printed in metallic foil is one hot wedding invitation trend that is not dying any time soon.

A delightful winter wedding invitation in cool blue tones with sparkling glass baubles and elegant bows.

Winter wedding invitation with tree ornaments are designed with the primary color blue because the blue color gives the impression of a very broad.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bridal Tiaras-Make You Shining the Wedding

Depending on your dress, hairstyle and the shape of your face, there are many styles of tiaras you can choose from to suit you. Tiaras can make you stand out on your wedding day, and also can be used to hold your bridal veil.

One type of bridal tiara is the headband-style tiara. You place this trendy tiara on top of your head and let it come to rest behind your ears. It can be tilted forward so that the tiara can look more like a crown. Head-band style tiaras will suit any hairstyle. It can come in different designs, using pearl, crystal or rhinestone embellishments, or can be made of plain silver material.

Another type of tiara that you can wear on your wedding day is the back piece bridal tiara. This wedding tiara suits hairstyles with a French twist or a low bun. It is inserted under your bun or into the twist in your hair. If a bridal veil is worn, they are likely to cover your back piece bridal tiara, but you can show it off when you take the veil off later at the reception. Back piece bridal tiaras can be embellished using beads, pearls, feathers, lace or flowers.

Comb tiaras are bridal tiaras that you can wear as an elegant bridal hair accessory. The comb tiara works well with any hairstyle you wear. It is inserted into your hair on top of your head. Comb tiaras can be embellished with pearls, beads or crystals, which give you a stunning and beautiful look. They are usually made of gold or silver metal, and can also be made of clear plastic.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unique Wedding Balloons Decorations

The most elegant colors for wedding balloons are combinations of white, ivory, clear or gold. For more drama, add a few balloons in your primary wedding color. Clear balloons can hold confetti or other balloons inside of them. Choose only three or four balloon ideas for the reception so as not to block anyone's view. Fill balloons with helium as close to the ceremony time as possible so they do not end up on the floor during all the festivities.

Let balloons rise to the occasion as a simple yet stylish way to fill a big space. The secret to a grown up look? A simple color palette. Attach them to ribbons to make garlands for the ceiling.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Adorable Dresses to Decorate the Smallest Guests of Your Wedding

You want every member of your wedding party to look just right for your big day, including the smallest ones-flower girls. They might be the littlest members of your bridal party, but they are there to add some serious cuteness to your day. The flower girls play an important role in the wedding and they deserve to have the perfect dresses to make them feel like a key member of the ceremony. Our selection of adorable flower girl dresses makes it easy to get everything you need to bring it all together, right down to the smallest detail.

Taffeta and Tulle Jewel Neckline Ball Gown Flower Girl Dress with Bustle Skirt

Detail Description
Lovely Bow Accents.
Tea-Length Bustle Skirt.

Tulle Straight Neckline A-Line Flower Girl Dress with Pleated Waist Trim

Detail Description
Cap Sleeves.
Rouched Bodice with Delicate Pleated Waist Trim Accents.
Knee-Length Draped Skirt with Floral Detail Accents.

Lace and Tulle Jewel Neckline Tea-Length A-Line Flower Girl Dress with Lace Bodice and Draped Skirt

Detail Description
Lace Bodice.
Matching Waistband.
Draped Skirt.

Tulle Jewel Neckline Ball Gown Flower Girl Dress with Lavish Floral Detailing Accents

Detail Description
Lavish Floral Detailing Accents.
Waistline with Lovely Bow Accents.
Tea-Length Draped Skirt.

Satin and Tulle Jewel Neckline A-Line Flower Girl Dress with Dreamy Pick-up Skirt

Detail Description
Waistband Adorned with Beaded Flower.
Dreamy Pick-up Skirt with Floor-Length Style.