Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

You want to give a special wedding gift but you have no idea what to buy. You want something practical yet thoughtful and something personal that the newly married couple will appreciate. Here are some tips on how to come up with perfect bridal shower gifts or wedding gifts.

Holiday Decorations
This is somehow a wedding gift that is rarely given. But think about it, this gift is certainly going to be appreciated since most newly married couples don't have a stockpile of holiday trimmings yet. So they may be looking for items for the holidays but thanks to you, they will be a step ahead.

I know, money is so impersonal. However, on the receiving end it is usually much appreciated. Weddings are expensive so anything that will help offset some of the costs will help tremendously. Another benefit to giving money, whether in the form of cash or gift cards, is that the couple can select exactly what they want instead of getting something that might not have been their first choice. If you decide to give cash or a gift card, make sure you personalize the bride gift by wrapping it beautifully or buying a small gift to give alongside it.

A Lasting or Utilitarian Gift
Whether it is a bottle of wine or a wonderful picture frame, you want to give a gift that would stand the test of time. Many years from know, you want them to remember that you gave it to them so make sure this gift is quality enough to age well. A bottle of wine that will hold many family meals is another example of a lasting bride gift.

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