Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Shoulder, Modern Style Perfect for Any Event

We could classify cocktail dresses into several categories. Based on the different styles, there are strapless dresses, one shoulder dresses, halter prom dresses and so on.

One shoulder dresses may be not the most popular style along the fashion history, but it never fails to be a great dress option. By the influence of the first lady of America, Michelle Obama, one shoulder dresses have become the new bright spot in New York. For the women who love strapless  dresses, but do not want too much exposure, then one shoulder dresses would no doubt be your best choice.

One shoulder have been a creative design in dresses. The asymmetrical design makes a woman not only pretty lively, but also elegant. The delicate one shoulder strap would make a woman sexy and meanwhile, exhibit a woman's subtle charming. Also, it is worth mentioning that the design one shoulder dresses are the good choice for the women who possess charms shoulders. On the other hand, one shoulder dresses are quite suitable for the women who have beautiful shoulders and collarbones.

The one shoulder dresses could have several choices, which include sequined straps, floral straps, gold jeweled straps, either broad one or narrow one. Find the one type of the elegant one shoulder dresses that fits you the best. I am sure that you would love it.

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