Friday, December 28, 2012

Amazing Wedding Dresses Under $200 - Fitted Design, Low Price

If you are a bride to be that is on an extreme budget because you are paying for the wedding yourself or you just don't want to spend a lot of money on extravagance, then you are going to want to check out the wedding dresses under $200 collection that we have put together just for you exclusively on RainingBlossoms. The dresses in this collection might cost less than $200, but when you take a look at them and slip your favorite one on for the first time, you'll hardly be able to believe your eyes at just how beautiful you will turn out to be. Here are some amazing wedding dresses under $200 for you.

Satin V-Neckline Halter Strap Sheath Gown with Delicate Waistband (Unit Price: $168.99)

Chiffon Jewel Neckline Column Wedding Dresses with Three-Quarter Length Sleeves (Unit Price: $179.99)

Satin Strapless A-Line 2013 Wedding Dress with Sequined Waistband (Unit Price: $199.99)

Satin Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Sheath Wedding Dress with High Split Skirt (Unit Price: $188.99)

Taffeta Softly Curved Strapless Neckline A-Line Wedding Dress with Beaded Motif Rouched Bodice (Unit Price: $199.99)

Satin Sweetheart Strapless Neckline A-Line Wedding Dress with Pick-up Skirt (Unit Price: $195.99)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mini Wedding Cake Ideas

Mini wedding cakes are so adorable. They have become a hot new trend instead of having the traditional large wedding cake with just one flavor, mini cakes give your wedding guests the option of serval different flavors and designs to choose from. I would even consider having a different mini cake placed at each reception table, and then you can let your guests help themselves.

Because of their small size, mini cakes are a lot easier to manage, making it a fun and easy diy project if you decide to break out the oven mitts and whip up your very own miniature cakes. And, why not make each cake a little different while still coinciding with the rest of your wedding theme?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Choosing Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Modern brides who want something trendy for their look and also for their bridesmaids can choose the mismatched style bridesmaid dresses. This trend is very popular and we are happy to see that so many newlyweds decide to adopt it for their wedding. If you decide to incorporate this plan to your wedding, just remember, the biggest secret of successful mismatching bridesmaids is to make your girls wear different dresses yet still look like your team-your bridal party. Dress styles, colors and accessories are elements that will help you achieve a chic mismatched bridesmaids look.

Different colors, same style

Same color, different style

Same color, different shades 

Same dress, mismatched accessories

Free Style

No matter what trend of bridesmaid dresses you choose to have, be certain that you are happy with it. Your style and wedding design will greatly factor into what you choose to do along with the comfort and style of the bridesmaids, but don't let it rule your choices completely. After all, they're your closest friends and family, so put them at ease, so they can enjoy your big day as much as possible.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top Sellers of RainingBlossoms

Fashion is an attitude. It would be shown in many aspects, such as your behavior, your dress up, and your wedding ceremony. Imagine you are wearing an wedding dress walking down the aisle with the witness of all the guests, fashion is revealed to the last degree. What a beautiful scene. And this goal could be easily reached, as long as you find your wedding dresses in RainingBlossoms and search the top sellers. You will be the most fashion bride.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wedding Receptions Tents Decoration

Most outdoor weddings provide shelter for guests through tents. As the wedding reception tent is the first place that is supposed to amuse your guests on the big day, you should really think about the ways of impressing them as well as making them feel comfortable. Having a wedding reception tent guarantees the range of ways to decorate it. You can easily customize and make it reflect your personality.
The torches with citronella are a perfect way to add the beach and relaxed feel to the outside area of the reception tent, whilst the centerpieces with the floating candles inside will bring the soft and romantic vibe. You may create the classy and elegant atmosphere by going for the chandeliers and lanterns hanging from the ceiling and setting the silver candlesticks in the centers of the tables.

Flowers are ideal for dressing up a tent reception. Introduce some nature to your wedding reception by hanging the cascading flower plants. Another option is having the decorated archs with flowers, tulle and ribbons both at the entrance of the reception area and over the table with the wedding cake. Consider twisting the silk flower garlands around the tent poles for the romantic and dressy look.

The rural and picnic feel could be reached by having the rolled red napkins or bandannas around the plates, which are placed in the baskets at the buffet. Have the floral or fruit centerpieces in the jars or woven baskets for giving the country feel of the guest tables. Balloons filled with helium with the tied ribbons in the wedding theme colors will make a bold addition to the wedding d├ęcor.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Someone said that the easiest way to turn a wedding to be luxury is to decorate with flowers and of all the flowers in a wedding, the bridal bouquet is the most important one. A saying goes that the one who get the bridal bouquet is the next one to get married, and most girls believe the view. As a result, bridal bouquet plays a vital role in a wedding.
Generally speaking, there are several kinds of bridal bouquets including small cute bright-coloured spherical bouquet, oval bouquet which is easy to collocate, elegant magnificent waterfalls form bouquet, and characteristic hand-held bouquet. With the influence of the fashionable wedding color this year, spherical bouquet is very popular. Not only can brides hold a spherical bouquet, bridesmaids can also holds the smaller bouquets in the same style.

Traditionally, we use the fresh flowers to make bridal bouquet, but the trend changes with the environment friendly concept goes deeply among people. Now we can see some bridal bouquet made of paper, plastic and other materials. One advantage of these bouquets is that the flowers stay fresh and bright for a long time. Besides, this kind of bouquets are more creative and characteristic. You needn't worry about the color, because the eco-bouquet can also be colorful and bright enough.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 Favorite Boots for the Winter Bride

Having a winter wedding isn't the most popular idea for most couples, but the number of winter weddings taking place every year is increasing. Winter weddings can be just as beautiful as a summer wedding. Even though I'm not a fan of the cold, I have to agree that there is something super romantic about getting warm and cozy with the one you love. Winter is the season of holidays and celebrations, so you have to look your best and stay warm. Keep your feet warm for winter wedding is important. Here selected 4 favorite boots trend for winter bride.
Lined Wedge Booties: Lined wedge booties are great if you want to wear heels but stay warm at the same time. We love these booties from Maison Martin Margiela.

Studded Harness Boots: Challenge your inner Rock & Roll star with studded harness boots! We recommend these Blowfish Kenessa CSH Booties.

Cuffed Boots: Cuffed boots are elegant and stylish. How cute are these cuffed boots by Chloe?

Uggs: Believe it or not Uggs are still in trend! It looks like people can't give them up just yet.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stand out with Bling Bling Dress

Now with so many various online retailers to choose from, many individuals are preferring to accomplish their shopping on the net. This is the case with special occasion dresses. Many women will turn to the net to buy formal or special occasion gowns and even dresses for their wedding. Nonetheless, simply because shopping on the web is well-liked, it doesn't imply online shopping ventures always turn out perfectly. So you can have a try on rainingblossoms online shop.
Chiffon Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Empire Prom Dress with Beaded Bust
Satin Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Mermaid Prom Dress with Beaded Bodice
Organza Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Mermaid Prom Dress with Ruffle Skirt
Organza Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Empire Cocktail Dress with Beaded and Sequins Bodice
Tulle and Taffeta Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Ball Gown Prom Dress with Beaded Bust

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress - Best Illustration of Your Figure

Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress is named after its shape. The beautiful curve-line dresses greatly flatter bridesmaids' fabulous figure. It creates silhouettes that mold the body from the neckline to the knees, where it flares out to the floor length hemline, generally creating a train on the back of the gown. Excellent for both short and tall women, it accentuates every curve on your body due to the clinging nature of the design. You can be confident to wear such a beautiful dress to realize your princess dream. RainingBlossoms has provided some pretty mermaid bridesmaid dresses with the best design and luxury fabrics, they will undoubtedly be your best choice.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tulle and Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress with Detachable Train

Wedding dresses in so many fabulous colors and shades you'll have a tough time deciding which one you want most. Are you looking for a wedding dress with detachable train? Whatever you need, rainingblossoms has the best wedding dresses in all of your favorite design. White floor-length wedding dresses, white short wedding dresses, or maybe you like the both. Our tulle and lace mermaid wedding dress with detachable train will give you inspiration.

Tulle and Lace Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid 2 in 1 Wedding Dress
Detail description

Lavish Lace Appliques.
Beaded Embellished Sash.
Convertible Skirt.
Lace Hemline Sweep Train.
Available in ivory, white and champagne.
          More details

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Arrivals - 2 in 1 Wedding Dresses

Latest design of 2 in 1 simple wedding dress makes a great breakthrough in the wedding dress industry. This kind of wedding dress can be convertible to different styles of appearances. Long dress may be changed into a short one. Elegant one shoulder may turn into a sexy strapless neckline. Simple design does not decrease its fashion and brilliance. Simple long one looks elegant and graceful, which is a good choice for a scared wedding ceremony. Simple short one is worn comfortably, which may bring convenience to your wedding reception. With one single dress, you can experience two styles of fashion. How wonderful!

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