Monday, January 28, 2013

Pick One of Your Favorite Features Color

For eyes, I love Make Up For Aqua Cream. When you apply the color, just apply a swish of product to your lid. Don't go above the crease. This keeps your look interesting, not overwhelming. If you want to keep it really subtle, line your eyes with a pop of color in Aqua Cream. But there are exceptions. If your eyes are green, use purple. If your eyes are brown, use green. If your eyes are blue, use navy.
eye make up
For lips, it seems a lot of people are brave enough for red, but not for pink, but both are great choices and really make a statement of classic beauty. Personally, whenever I wear coral, it stops traffic. Before applying lipstick, put powder on moisturized lips. You can also line your lips, but you don't have to. Boldly apply your lipstick or gloss and go.
lip make up

Illuminate your skin. Use your favorite beauty balm and possibly a skin brightener so the focus is on your new look. There are no distractions when you appear to have perfect skin, and with the products out today, that's an easy one to fake.
Illuminate your skin

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