Monday, January 7, 2013

Tips for Wedding Eye Makeup

Wedding eye makeup is not only about shadow and liner. It begins from a good foundation to enduring wedding makeup. It must not only the shadows and liner to stick to, but also give extra durable power. Best bridal makeup is as below suggested.
Use a makeup primer first. Choose one that doesn't contain oil or silicone to prevent your foundation from coming off throughout the day and make it last longer.
Tip2: Concealer
The next step, after you have evenly applied the foundation is to use a concealer to hide any dark circles under your eyes.
Tip3: Eye Makeup
When focus on the inner corner of the eye, you can apply the same highlight color again, dab it into the inner corner of the eye, over the tear duct.
Tip4: Blush
Choose a brush that is the same size as the apple of your cheek to make your blush appear more natural.
Tip5: Lipstick and Lip Gloss
As for the colors, pale pink, nude and even red are the best options. Red lips are perfect if you want to draw all the attention on you.

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