Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bridal Veils Styles Explained

Unless necessary, specific lengths for the veils shall not be stated, clearly because this will vary, depending upon each bride's independent height and size. Where lengths are stated, they are estimates only, being provided to offer a better indication of the variety of styles available.
Traditionally, the blusher is the veil piece which comes forward, covering the face. Any style veil can have a blusher. There are no rules or restrictions for this. Alternately, the bride may chose to wear a veil that does not have a blusher at all.

This style of veil is really the extended version of the bouffant veil as it sits just below the shoulder, in line with the top of the armpit.
This style is still a shorter style veil. The Elbow length veil, sitting just at the elbow, is very flattering for younger brides in their early twenties when worn with a strapless ballgown style wedding dress.
This veil is an extended version of the elbow veil. The veil will sit just at the waist, being one or two inches longer than the Elbow length veil. This style can look most elegant on small petite brides wearing a slimming gown with no train.

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