Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top Five Wedding Cake Trends in 2012

Many brides see their wedding cake as more of a decorative feature than something for their guests to eat, and wedding cake designs are ever evolving. Wedding cakes have become as much of a treat for the eyes as they are for the taste buds. Here are the current top five wedding cake trends in 2012:

1.Dress Inspired Design

There is a growing trend toward basing your cake design on the style of your wedding dress. Some high end cake makers are actually working with dress designers to create couture cakes inspired by the designers' collections.

2.Grooms Cake

Let your groom put his own personality to a cake. This is trend has been coming back with grooms choosing their football team, favorite band or just the flavors that they like.

3.Invitation Inspired Cake

Cakes are also taking their inspiration from the wedding invitation, namely the layers of textured paper, vellum, fabrics, pearlized borders and the colors the bride and groom have chosen in their wedding invitation design.

4.Textile-Inspired Texture

Confectionery couture featuring buttercream ruffles and fondant frills are rising in popularity. Whether it's an exquisite Alexander McQueen gown or a traditional tartan pattern from the grooms' kilts, fashion is a constant source of inspiration for cake designs.

5.Painted Flowers

Hand-painted designs are a way to turn a wedding cake into nothing less than an edible canvas.

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