Monday, December 24, 2012

Wedding Receptions Tents Decoration

Most outdoor weddings provide shelter for guests through tents. As the wedding reception tent is the first place that is supposed to amuse your guests on the big day, you should really think about the ways of impressing them as well as making them feel comfortable. Having a wedding reception tent guarantees the range of ways to decorate it. You can easily customize and make it reflect your personality.
The torches with citronella are a perfect way to add the beach and relaxed feel to the outside area of the reception tent, whilst the centerpieces with the floating candles inside will bring the soft and romantic vibe. You may create the classy and elegant atmosphere by going for the chandeliers and lanterns hanging from the ceiling and setting the silver candlesticks in the centers of the tables.

Flowers are ideal for dressing up a tent reception. Introduce some nature to your wedding reception by hanging the cascading flower plants. Another option is having the decorated archs with flowers, tulle and ribbons both at the entrance of the reception area and over the table with the wedding cake. Consider twisting the silk flower garlands around the tent poles for the romantic and dressy look.

The rural and picnic feel could be reached by having the rolled red napkins or bandannas around the plates, which are placed in the baskets at the buffet. Have the floral or fruit centerpieces in the jars or woven baskets for giving the country feel of the guest tables. Balloons filled with helium with the tied ribbons in the wedding theme colors will make a bold addition to the wedding d├ęcor.


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  2. With a twist of contemporary style, the clear tent or transparent party tent is a great option for something different. As the name clearly indicates, this tent is supported by a frame and sports a clear, nearly-transparent vinyl surface above, making sure you get a clear view of the sunset and the stars

    This tent is ideal for weddings that are held in the evening or during the nighttime. Also, the clear surface offers you the feeling of being in a larger space.