Friday, December 7, 2012

Wedding pomanders

A pomander is also known as a kissing ball and can be made of fresh or artificial flowers. Pomanders were traditionally made with perfumes and used to lessen bad smells. Nowadays, pomanders can be seen in many weddings. Wedding pomanders are traditionally used to decorate, they work very well on wedding arches, backs of chairs, over door knobs and also ends of pews or aisles. The most common use for the pomander is as an alternative and sweet way for the flower girl to carry flowers. It can hang from her wrist when small bouquets are hard to carry.

Hanging Pomanders.
Hang them from the trees, from the rafters, from chandeliers, or from the ceiling.

Pomanders For Flower Girls. Little girls LOVE this! It's something of their very own made especially for them.

Pomander Wedding Centerpieces. You can rest them directly on the table, or on the top of tall vases at varying heights. You might also want to consider hanging small kissing balls from a tree branch centerpiece.

Pomander Wedding Aisle. A popular choice is hanging them from the end chairs or from plant hangers placed on the sides of the aisle for an outdoor wedding.

Floating Pomanders. Does your ceremony or reception have a pool? Use the pool as part of your decoration with floating kissing balls. Floating candles would also be a nice touch.

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