Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Someone said that the easiest way to turn a wedding to be luxury is to decorate with flowers and of all the flowers in a wedding, the bridal bouquet is the most important one. A saying goes that the one who get the bridal bouquet is the next one to get married, and most girls believe the view. As a result, bridal bouquet plays a vital role in a wedding.
Generally speaking, there are several kinds of bridal bouquets including small cute bright-coloured spherical bouquet, oval bouquet which is easy to collocate, elegant magnificent waterfalls form bouquet, and characteristic hand-held bouquet. With the influence of the fashionable wedding color this year, spherical bouquet is very popular. Not only can brides hold a spherical bouquet, bridesmaids can also holds the smaller bouquets in the same style.

Traditionally, we use the fresh flowers to make bridal bouquet, but the trend changes with the environment friendly concept goes deeply among people. Now we can see some bridal bouquet made of paper, plastic and other materials. One advantage of these bouquets is that the flowers stay fresh and bright for a long time. Besides, this kind of bouquets are more creative and characteristic. You needn't worry about the color, because the eco-bouquet can also be colorful and bright enough.

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