Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations Inspiration

Every couples want to make unique their wedding. One of the most unique wedding is beach wedding. Before thinking about beach wedding, Couples pallaned about wedding invitations. Getting beach wedding invitaions samples is not so difficult. Here are some samples of beach wedding invitations.

Beach Postcard Invite

A postcard-style wedding invitation provides a great opportunity to add a tropical image that will make your guests long for sun, sea and sandy shores. Make sure that the postcard is made from high-quality paper and includes decorative borders around the photo. Place the "save the date" text above the image and the wedding date below. Design the back of the invite as you would a normal postcard with further details and the recipient's address.

Starfish Invite

Use a standard wedding invite and place inside a decorative matching envelope. Wrap a large ribbon around the envelope and use a glue gun to attach a starfish to the knot of the bow, for a dramatic but classy, beach-themed finish. Send the completed invite in a small decorative box. Remember to pick a ribbon that matches your wedding colors.

Sand Vial Invite

For a genuinely beach-themed invitation, replace the starfish with a vial of sand. Wrap a large ribbon around your traditional wedding invite and tie at the front in a bow. Choose a vial containing just one type of sand, or you may choose a decorative sand vial with colorful layers and images crafted to the side of the glass. Attach the sand vial to a thread and sew to the underside of the bow's knot. The vial should hang about an inch below the knot of the bow. Mail the invite to guests in a small box.

Flip-Flop Invite

For a fun invite that is particularly appropriate for a younger couple, have the "save the date" text printed onto flip-flop shaped cards. Glue the cards to the back of an actual flip-flop for a snazzy invite that your guests are sure to remember. To mail-proof the invite, use a small flip-flop sized box and place a sheet of cream-colored tissue inside. Add the flip-flop to the box and cover with small polystyrene balls. Cover with tissue paper and place the lid on the box.

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