Monday, September 24, 2012

If You Are Finding Garden Wedding Favors

If you're the earthy type and want to share your passion for nature's beauty, this collection of garden themed favors is just right for you. Some of our most beautiful favors can be found here. From bold floral sachets, to flower seed filled tins there's sure to be something perfect for the nature lover in you. These gifts are also great for outdoor weddings and bridal showers, or a classy event in the fall.

Nature's gifts are many, but the butterfly is truly among the most spectacular. And these multifaceted crystal butterfly design place card favors certainly capture the spirit of this exquisite natural marvel. A perfect way to add a touch of splendor to any event, each is features a textured square clear glass base with a metal wire extending upward to form a coiled place card holder behind the crystal butterfly.

These cherry blossom themed candle tins offer a round shape, the perfect housing for our elegant 2 oz. candles. The tins themselves feature a bold label, which you can customize in a variety of colors and designs to invoke whatever theme or style you want, making for the perfect addition to travel or honeymoon-themed bridal showers or receptions.

Our Flower Bouquet boxes are so popular, we decided to add a fall and winter version. The boxes feature flower bouquets on the lid. A gorgeous grosgrain style ribbon with the look and feel of silk. We have also added a new mini lavender buds sachet to the line of fillings.

Wine related favors are all the rage. And these A Perfect Pair bottle stoppers bring that rage to an all new adorable level. Each features a nesting pair of realistic colored poly resin pears printed with the slogan A Perfect Pair and accented with glistening rhinestones sitting atop a sturdy chrome conical base encircled with a black rubber gasket.

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