Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unique Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors are the last impression that your guests have from your wedding, so make them creative. Choose your wedding favors so they coordinate with your wedding season, colors or theme. Place a handwritten or typed note next to the favors letting the guests know that they should take them home. Here are some unique wedding favors for you to consider.

Edible Favors
Many guests throw away wedding favors, especially if they have no use for them. If you give your guests favors they can eat, you'll be sure to give them something they'll enjoy. Send your guests off with miniature pumpkin pies in the fall, gingerbread cookies in the winter, cotton candy in the spring or brightly colored lollipops in the summer.
Personalized Favors
When you mail your wedding invitations, include a blank index card with each one and a note requesting a family recipe with the RSVP card. Compile a small recipe book from the recipes that you received along with some of your family's best recipes, and give them to guests as your wedding favors. Another personal wedding favor that many guests enjoy is a music CD. Get pictures of you and your fiance printed for the cover, and compile a list of songs that will be part of your wedding ceremony. The guests will think about your event whenever they play the CD.

Hometown Favorites
If your wedding location is known for something special, such as maple syrup or peanuts, give the item as your wedding favor. Specialty products often come in nice packaging, but you could create your own packaging or add a bow that fits your wedding theme.

Double Duty
Have your favors serve double duty by using them as decorations. You'll save money and highlight the favors by placing them in the center of your tables. If you still want floral centerpieces, have cones of flowers in the middle of the table with a note encouraging guests to take the cones home as favors at the end of the reception.

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