Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diamond Shapes of Wedding Rings

Choosing a beautiful wedding ring is one of the key elements for preparing the wedding. In fact, in today's abundance of various diamond shapes, every groom is be able to find the perfect ring shape that would best suit his wife to be. Choosing the right diamond shape can be more easily if you know a little information about it. Here are five diamond shapes and hope you find the perfect one.

Round. Wedding rings with a round-cut diamonds are probably the most popular ones, which is very reasonable. The round shape allows diamond sparkling like none other owing to its 58 facets. Usually brides that like the round-shaped diamonds are the true traditionalists and thus tend to incline to the classic shapes.

Heart. The heart-shaped diamond is probably the boldest shape, so avoid getting a heart-shaped solitaire for the shy bride who is afraid of being the center of attention.

Oval. Oval-shaped diamond boasts the ability to sparkle just like the round-cut stone owing to the same amount of facets. This classy shape is favorite among self-confident brides with the good taste.

Marquise. Marquise-cut diamonds have the attractive feature - they appear larger than they are in reality. This shape is supposed to maximize the carat weight of the stone, which appeals to brides who look for the impressive budget-friendly engagement ring.

Pear. It became popular once the style icon Victoria Beckham received the pear-shaped engagement ring from another style icon David Beckham. It is the hybrid of the oval and marquise shape, what makes it appear unique and very stylish. This shape is intended for women who are not afraid of setting their own standards of style.

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