Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holding A Summer Wedding Party

Summertime is a fabulous season for a wedding, many elegant decors can be good choice for an indoor or outdoor event.  For a summer wedding, add a festive and a practical favors. your theme is a unique way to hold your favorite summer wedding party. And elegant options add a special feeling to an elegant celebration. Finish with these options below, you may get any other inspiration from this.


With the growing popularity of summer weddings, we've designed the perfect favor to coordinate with your event. These travel sized containers are filled with SPF 15 sunscreen and will protect your guests from the harmful rays of the sun. This convenient little bottle will no doubt come in handy on their future vacations. What a great reminder of your wedding.

All your family and friends will be thrilled to find these beautiful breeze. They work a lot at your warm weather wedding.  These white fan with lovely deep-pink cherry blossoms on brown branches and a genuine bamboo handle, decorate the day in an indescribable way. It has fully assembled cherry blossom design appears on both sides of fan.

 It's a nice gesture to give your guests something to make them more comfortable at your wedding. These are so adorable, you will want to eat them up. This is a perfect little gift for your guest. so many great uses. This washcloth cupcake is lemonade themed. Each washcloth cupcake is packaged in cellophane and finished off with a bow.

 Introducing a revolutionary way to infuse your cocktails. Exotic blends of fresh teas, herbs and spices naturally infuse lemongrass and mint into exotic cocktails such as Mojitos, with Lemongrass Mint Cocktail Infusions and our simple recipes you become a master mixologist. You will receive a booklet for creating delicious and festive cocktails. It will be a huge enjoyment to have a such cool cocktail on the summer wedding party.

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