Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guide to Wedding Dresses Silhouette

When you are planning for your wedding, one thing you often take more time to consider is your wedding dress. If you seldom search the information of it, you may have little idea about how to choose a perfect wedding dress. Here I classified the wedding dresses into five typical categories by silhouette. I hope this may help you have a clear thought of selecting your wedding dresses and choose your favorite dress silhouette.



This style is wildly popular as it is flattering to just about anyone, no matter what your body type.



This style is very flattering to those with thicker waists as it can sweep softly over your curves.



Although flattering for several body types, depending on the fabric chosen, the Sheath Silhouette may not allow much room for hiding certain problem areas, like a larger lower body.


Ball gown

Much like the A-line silhouette, it flatters most figures and is especially good at hiding large hips. But it is also very flattering to brides with narrow hips, as it can give you more of a curvy look.



This is a really sexy style that shows off ALL of your curves.

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