Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Dress

1.Make your own
Be the designer of your own dress can make you find the most suitable one. You will know how to save the fabric and how to make the dress look still decent.the bad thing is that you will spend lots of time in the whole process.

make your own
2.Rent a dress
It is probably the most cycling way because a wedding dress can be worn several times. But the advantage is that the dress will look old if it has been used several times.
rent a dress
3.Buy a dress online
It is very convenient and cheap to going shopping online.what you should do is just searching on the internet. But the shortcoming is that you can no see the dress in real and do not know the details.if anything goes wrong,it will take a lot to fix it.
shopping online
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4.sample sales
Sample sales maybe a good choice if it is well preserved. Because a lot of people consider sample dress as second-hand,no one would like to pay for it for wedding even it is cheaper.but if you do not mind the fact,it is cool to buy such a dress for your wedding.both cheap have suit your taste.
sample sales

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